AmmPower is focused on green ammonia and hydrogen. Many experts believe that green ammonia is the fuel of the future that the world needs today the most. 

It works on what could be the most important innovation in the energy industry of the 21st century… modular green ammonia producing units

These units can produce the cleanest fuel needed by the marine industry and a great number of others… including individual organizations, marine ports, and distribution hubs… and that’s just the beginning. 

AmmPower is researching green ammonia and has already started developing optimal chemical reactions at its R&D facility. 

The facility is intended to produce units that will be scalable and stackable. 

This is the magic of this technology… upon successful development and production, plans are that the company’s clients will have their own green ammonia production facility on site. This will improve their efficiency and drive costs down. 

And its products aim to be competitive from the very beginning. AmmPower is laser-focused on delivering the highest quality and cost-efficient green ammonia products to its future clients. 

This company is the potential sleeping giant… and, we believe, it could be an energy titan in the making. 

It is focused on green ammonia because numerous experts believe it’s the best and cleanest energy of the future. It’s 150% more energy-dense than the second-best fuel, hydrogen. 

Green ammonia is less flammable, and it’s easy to transport. 

This is how AmmPower’s tech works… 

First, power is generated from renewable sources…

Second, AmmPower’s proprietary process in development uses that power and water to produce NH3 molecules. And NH3 is green ammonia. 

Third, this green ammonia can be used anywhere… in fact, it’s one of the most flexible fuels in the world… and the world’s infrastructure is getting ready for it right now.

AmmPower: Exxon of the 21st Century? A Clean Energy Conglomerate

Introducing AmmPower Corp. (OTC: AMMPF, CSE:AMMP)

If AmmPower succeeds in its plans, it could be a billion-dollar company in a multi-trillion-dollar trend…

 Imagine Standard Oil… one of the biggest success stories of the early 20th century. 

Its founders, John D. Rockefeller and Henry Flagler, had an insight. Who controls the energy supply controls the economy… and the future. 

And they were right. They started Standard Oil in 1870, and it became an energy conglomerate. 

It had an oil product for everybody. From diesel to gas. Standard Oil would drill it, make it and deliver it. 

It owned oil fields, refineries, and pipelines… in other words, it dominated the energy market. 

And in 1911, Standard Oil represented 6% of the total US stock market. 

Today, a company with 6% of the total US stock market would have a $3 trillion market capitalization. 

Let this sink in… Exactly one hundred years ago, Standard Oil was in relative terms to the market, would be one and a half times bigger than Apple, Inc. is right now. 

And these shares soared, minting millionaires and billionaires along the way. 

If investors back then knew that they had the opportunity to invest in one the largest oil and gas companies in America, they would probably have invested as much as they could in Standard Oil.

We believe AmmPower could help a trillion-dollar industry remove almost one billion tons of CO2 emissions per year. 

If it succeeds, we think it could become a major energy power. 

AmmPower in our opinion has all it takes to deliver on its promise: the tech, the people, and the massive, multi-billion-dollar opportunity. (OTC: AMMPF, CSE:AMMP) 

On the science side, AmmPower partnered with Process Ortech. This company has 48 Canadian and 21 US patents. 

It targets the largest market need for ammonia, which is the maritime industry. Over 120 ports can already accept green ammonia. And they crave the green ammonia that AmmPower could ship to them. 

Beyond that, AmmPower targets the hydrogen market. The thing is, green ammonia is the best way to transport hydrogen. 

Remember its formula? NH3. Those three “H” atoms are hydrogen. And they are “packed” more tightly in an ammonia molecule than they are in liquid hydrogen. 

This is why we called this company “The Next Standard Oil.” It will produce both the fuel of the future and the “transportation system” for it. 

In other words, green ammonia is both the “fuel” and the “pipeline.” This is why it’s the “power element” of the future. 

And AmmPower’s CEO, Gary Benninger, has foreseen that. 

Gary has a long track record of success in various industries. He held a leadership position at Magna International, a $40-billion automotive parts company. Personally, he was in charge of 14 manufacturing operations and about $500 million in sales.

He recognized that the future of mobility, including marine transportation, jets, trains, and even cars, lies in clean energy. This is why he brought his decades of experience to AmmPower. 

He was also the CEO of a technology-based company listed on NASDAQ. This speaks volumes of his ability to lead a publicly-traded firm to success. 

And he consulted multi-billion-dollar corporations on innovation and tech development. 

Beyond the tech, the company is well-equipped to make the best use of the available government funds that the US and Canada has dedicated to clean energy.

The company’s Vice President of Government Relations is Dr. Luisa Moreno. She has a stellar resume and years of experience in finance, technology, and public policy. 

This company has one of the best management teams we’ve seen… 

And beyond that, it is about to address a massive and urgent market need… 

Let us explain…

Experts agree that green ammonia will be a major power source for the transportation industry in the 21st century… in a sustainable way. 

And the biggest players in the cargo shipping industry… engine manufacturing… and others are racing to produce the machinery that will run on green ammonia. 

Don’t forget that 90% of the global shipping is done by cargo vessels. So when green ammonia takes over as the main source of energy—and we believe it will do so soon—it will rule this multi-trillion-dollar industry. (OTC:AMMPF, CSE: AMMP) 

Green ammonia is clean power. Anything that green ammonia powers doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. 

But this is only one part of the reason green ammonia is the future. The other is regulations and environmental goals. 

One hundred seventy-three countries that are members of the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization agreed to cut their shipping emissions by half. This is no small feat, and we believe it won’t be achieved without green ammonia. 

And we’re talking about green ammonia for a reason… 

See, you can produce “regular” ammonia and maybe even sell it to the shipping industry… but as long as the ammonia itself is made in a dirty way, the buyers will be wary.

 A much better solution… is green ammonia. It’s the same molecule: NH3. But it’s produced in a clean way. 

And this gives its producers an unbeatable competitive advantage. As we said earlier, AmmPower has been working on green ammonia for years now. The engineers in charge know all about the molecule and what it could do to make the shipping giants knocking on AmmPower’s door with supply contracts in hand. 

They don’t need to wait to long… Some of the most prominent engineering and shipping companies are already developing green ammonia-based technologies at breakneck speed… 

MAN, a Europe-based engine manufacturer owned by the Volkswagen Group, is already working on a two-stroke ammonia engine. 

The ships running on green ammonia will likely be marked with NH3, which is the formula for the ammonia molecule. Like this…

Mitsubishi, another Asian industrial giant, also has ammonia-powered ships in its sights…

Or this cargo ship prototype… which, again, would be using green ammonia as its fuel.

But there’s more… 

See, ammonia can power any ship. Both cargo ships and cruise liners can run on the same fuel. 

Color Fantasy, which is the world’s largest cruise liner, is ready to pilot ammonia fuel.

Just as a reminder, the global cruise industry carried 30 million passengers per year and contributed $154 billion to the global economy. 

And this industry is also looking at green ammonia as its future fuel. 

Very soon, you’ll probably see green ammonia-powered cruise ships docking at ports… 

And top tourist destinations will potentially ban ships that run on dirty fuel. They would do so to preserve their most valuable asset: their nature, their waters and their views. In Europe, environmental groups have already started campaigns to ban cruise ships running on “the dirtiest of all fuels.” 

In the future, we believe, only the ships running on green ammonia will be able to reach these most-desired locations.

These ships will likely be marked with NH3. That is the ammonia molecule. And it’s logical that they will run on green ammonia, like the one to be produced by AmmPower.

 But not only ships. The Royal Society points out that green ammonia can also power trains and planes.

In other words, green ammonia is expected by many to be the fuel powering ground, water, and air transport. 

A UK-based startup has already proven that ammonia can be used as jet fuel. It tested a green ammonia propulsion system and confirmed that NH3 has enough energy density to power a plane. 

Better yet, the tech needed to convert a kerosene-powered jet to one using ammonia doesn’t require a complete engine redesign. 

The necessary parts can be added to existing planes. Which means that green ammonia is ready to be used in planes with some modifications right now. 

Green ammonia can also power trains… and there’s a train concept that relies on ammonia; it needs to be refueled every 30–40 hours. 

This is why we believe that green ammonia will take over the world’s transportation system. 

It’s good for ships, trains, and planes. (OTC: AMMPF, CSE: AMMP)

It’s a feat the fossil fuels can’t achieve. You need different kinds of fuel for different types of transport. But ammonia is so flexible you can use it across the major transportation board.

AmmPower knows that. The company is working on the most efficient way to produce “green ammonia.” 

As a reminder, “green ammonia” is the product of water, air, and electricity. When used, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases.

In other words, it’s one of the only ways to use clean fuel in a sustainable way.

AmmPower is developing proprietary technology for high-efficiency green ammonia production.

And this company isn’t your average startup. It’s run by people with decades of experience and over seven years’ worth of development done on the technology already.

 The company’s engineers aren’t starting from scratch. This is a key point you need to understand. Some have been working on ammonia for about seven years already...

...which means that even their first products will be competitive.

This is key here… and the genius behind the company’s strategy. 

First, they aim to produce green ammonia that is priced to compete. It could be sold to the farming industry and produce cash flow early on.

Second, the cash flow that the fertilizer ammonia will generate is planned to go into making green ammonia production cheaper and more efficient.

You can compare this to Amazon that put most of its profits back into the business… which allowed it to grow exponentially and become the retail behemoth that it is.

 AmmPower could aim to do the same (OTC: AMMPF, CSE: AMMP). Quickly produce a competitive product and then invest the money this product makes back into the business… and accelerate the development of the most important project… which is ammonia as a fuel for the shipping and transportation industries. 

We think this would be the smartest way to grow big, fast.
But there’s more.

Green Hydrogen: AmmPower’s Other Revolutionary Project

The company’s other project is green hydrogen.

Why green hydrogen? Because it is the only other alternative, besides green ammonia, to solving the planet’s fossil fuel crisis.

Hydrogen, which is used in power cells, has a lot of advantages over standard batteries like lithium…

          • Hydrogen-based fuel cells are carbon-free. 

          • Batteries need to be recharged, but fuel cells continue generating power as long as they continue getting hydrogen fuel. 

          • Fuel cells are more scalable, and they can power giant installations and super-powerful engines like those of jet planes. More on that in a second…

          • Fuel cells are reliable and silent. 

Global industry leaders are working on big hydrogen projects… like Rolls-Royce… 

This leader in jet engine design has already spent billions of dollars in research and development...and has over 800 patents approved in an effort to produce
next-generation jet engines.

As we said before, the green hydrogen push is happening now. 

For example, Rolls Royce’s MTU Series 500 industrial engines are ready to be converted to hydrogen right now.

And Airbus, the world’s largest plane manufacturer, announced a partnership with ElringKlinger, a billion-dollar systems supplier. 

The two engineering powerhouses are already working together to produce zero-emission hydrogen planes. 

Airbus has been working on three planes already: a turbofan, a turboprop, and a blended-wing body

This is why AmmPower works on developing both green ammonia and green hydrogen. 

We think green ammonia and hydrogen will dominate the fuel industry in the 21st century. 

The power of hydrogen goes beyond aircraft, though. 

We mentioned ports… and the port of Los Angeles is already working on hydrogen-powered trucks. 

The port handles more than nine million cargo containers per year… 

and it’s the largest container port in North America. Every year, it handles over $275 billion in goods… 

and it is about to become 100% emission-free. Right now, it produces about 900,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

But green ammonia and green hydrogen can change that forever. 

As we said, green hydrogen and green ammonia mass production can remove almost one billion tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 

AmmPower aims to be a major supplier to do that. (OTC: AMMPF, CSE: AMMP)

Hydrogen and Green ammonia are both capable of fueling ships. A very recent hydrogen-fueled yacht rumored to be commissioned by Bill Gates is called the Aqua. See the video below to get an idea of the possibilities of our very near future.

Trucks powered by green hydrogen will move the goods shipped by large cargo ships and deliver them to logistic centers…

In fact, Toyota, Honda, UPS, and other multi-billion companies are already working on “zero-emission delivery” projects.

At the warehouses of massive retailers like Amazon, hydrogen-powered forklifts are already at work…

And as far as local delivery goes, these vans, powered by green hydrogen, will do the “last mile” delivery. They can drive for 500 miles on a single charge and refuel in four minutes.

But there’s another massive player in the world of clean energy… China.

China is already committed to an enormous hydrogen push… 

Back in November 2020, it announced a 15-year plan for new energy vehicles. 

China wants as many as one million hydrogen-powered vehicles on its roads. It will start putting hydrogen-powered trucks and buses on its roads as soon as possible. And the cities that achieve hydrogen adoption targets will get rewards from the central government.

In other words, China will do all it takes to get as many hydrogen cars, trucks, and buses on its roads as it can.

And to do it as fast as it can. Private companies are racing to meet future demand, too. 

ReFire, a Shanghai-based startup, says that the demand for its hydrogen engines will increase by the factor of 20x in three years.

What about passenger cars? 

Well, prepare yourself for a surprise. Very soon, lithium-powered cars will not be the only kind of EV you can buy. 

There are hydrogen-powered cars developed by the industry giants like Honda and Toyota already. 

Toyota’s Mirai model was the first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. 

But giants like Honda and Hyundai have hydrogen-powered offerings, too. Take a look.

These cars have sold in the tens of thousands so far, but in the future, their sales could skyrocket 100x or more. 

The reason is that states and countries are investing massively into hydrogen filling station networks. 

And AmmPower aims to be the company supplying green hydrogen to those stations. 

If all its plans successfully come true, it is possible to become the energy conglomerate of the future.

Its products would power many forms of transportation, from planes and ships to trucks and cars, including this one… (OTC: AMMPF, CSE: AMMP) 

Hyperion XP1 is a hydrogen-powered hypercar with over 1,000 miles of range, 1,500 horsepower, 2.2 seconds to 60 mph, top speed of 221 mph… and a recharge time of four minutes.

Take a look at the demonstration video below:

Albert Wynn, a former United States Representative also predicted this 20 years ago and said:

And Charlie Dent, a former United States Representative from the Republican party, agrees.

This tells us that hydrogen has enjoyed bipartisan support for years now… 

And now, with multi-trillion stimulus packages launched by the Biden administration, we can be sure that green technologies have bipartisan support. 

As recently as 2021, John Kerry, Biden’s climate envoy, said: 

            “That’s [a] jump ball right now,” Kerry said Tuesday at the CERAWeek conference by IHS Markit. “The test is going to be how do we produce the hydrogen in a way                     that isn’t so damaging and carbon-intensive.”

This is exactly where AmmPower and “green” ammonia comes in…AmmPower plans to produce it in a way that is not carbon intensive and will produce it using clean power.

And this is one of the key reasons why we think that AmmPower could potentially become much bigger than most people think… a vision of a multi-product portfolio aimed at trillion-dollar markets… and experienced tech and policy professionals who we think can make sure that the company is well-financed at all stages. 

AmmPower is still in its early stages… but a few established “new energy” companies are worth tens of billions of dollars today…

This is why we urge you to put this company, AmmPower, on your radar right now. (OTC: AMMPF, CSE:AMMP, FRA:601)

AmmPower’s website can be visited at

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Hydrogen enjoys support not only from China or environmentally-minded California. 

In fact, George W Bush pushed hydrogen innovation as early as 2003. In his State of the Union, he said…

Forward-Looking Statements

Energy Investing Created Multi-Billion-Dollar Fortunes… And History Could Repeat Itself

AmmPower has the Ability to Produce the Tech that may be the Dominant Fuel of the 21st Century

Source: AmmPower

This Trillion-Dollar Industry Craves Green Ammonia

China Moves Full Steam Ahead with Hydrogen

The Takeaway

The company’s other project is green hydrogen.

Why green hydrogen? Because it is the only other alternative, besides green ammonia, to solving the planet’s fossil fuel crisis.

Hydrogen, which is used in power cells, has a lot of advantages over standard batteries like lithium…

  • Hydrogen-based fuel cells are carbon-free. 
  • Batteries need to be recharged, but fuel cells continue generating power as long as they continue getting hydrogen fuel. 
  • Fuel cells are more scalable, and they can power giant installations and super-powerful engines like those of jet planes. More on that in a second…
  • Fuel cells are reliable and silent. 

Global industry leaders are working on big hydrogen projects… like Rolls-Royce…

This leader in jet engine design has already spent billions of dollars in research and development...

and has over 800 patents approved…

in an effort to produce next-generation jet engines.

Investors in the late 1800s and early 1900s did not have the ability to buy shares the way retail investors do today. 

Access to investing has become just a few clicks on a computer or smartphone. Investors today have the ability to buy and sell easily with new opportunities including, possibly, energy giants that could dominate this century. 

This is what happens once in a long while when a fast-growing and diversified company excels in a new market. 

And we believe we have a company on our radar that maybe, just maybe, could aspire to something like that, even if on a much smaller scale … AmmPower Corp. (OTC: AMMPF, CSE: AMMP) focuses on two clean energy fuels: Hydrogen and Green Ammonia. 

An energy revolution is taking place as it did in the 1800s with the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. 

After a century of fossil fuel domination, we believe some alternative clean energy companies today present the same kind of opportunity to investors as in the 1800s when the first energy revolution occurred. 

Read on to learn more…

Check out this video to learn how green hydrogen can save the port of Los Angeles.

Image: Ship Spotting

Image: Rolls-Royce


Image: Ars Technica

Image: Daily Mail

Image sources: Car and Driver, Edmunds, MotorTrend

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Cargo-loaded trains can also be powered by hydrogen.  In fact, concept trains are being built right now.